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Switch to Magnus Coffee and know you are supporting Cherry Creek football with every cup you drink.

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How You Can Help!

Cherry Creek Bruins Football and Magnus Coffee have developed a partnership to create a new source of re-occurring income to support our Champions! When you buy Magnus Premium Coffee for your home or office, 10% of every purchase will go towards helping offset the costs for our players and their families, whether you make a one-time purchase or buy every month! It’s truly a way to dramatically reduce the costs our team incurs by purchasing something we all drink every day – coffee! Browse our menu below and place your order to enjoy premium coffee while contributing to Cherry Creek football – home to the 6A State Champions four years running!

How Our Coffee Funds Are Used

  • Purchasing new and/or professionally reconditioning equipment to ensure every player safety
  • Uniforms
  • Travel and team meals
  • Summer camp
  • Program administration
  • Game filming, photography, and coaches communication systems
  • Offsetting each player’s $1500 personal cost to participate

Freshly RoastED

Eco-Friendly KCups

Great Flavor & Aroma

25% of Your Purchase is DONATED

The Reason to Wake Up

Great coffee supporting our Cherry Creek Bruins.

About 75% of Americans drink coffee, and most of us drink more than once per day. This makes selling Magnus premium coffee an ideal fundraiser for our program. The first $500 in sales for an individual player ($50 in returned revenue to the program) goes to the Cherry Creek football program’s general fund. Every dollar and 10% donation back to Creek after the initial $500/$50, goes toward offsetting the individual player’s current year fee.

This is an ongoing fundraiser and thus if you earn enough to cover the current year fee and have leftover funds, we will hold that over to the next year.


Magnus Premium Coffee

We are excited to introduce Magnus Premium Coffee — a high quality, premium coffee you will enjoy cup after cup. Master roasters carefully craft our coffee, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that every coffee drinker will love.

Our coffee is freshly brewed and shipped directly to you with the great aroma and wonderful taste you will enjoy with each brew. Plus, you will be supporting our team with the donations made on every purchase.


  • Available in whole bean, ground, or K-cups
  • Our K-cups feature patented, 100% recyclable packaging that looks like a coffee filter and brews like a French press
  • We give back by supporting dozens of non-profits across the country
  • Our referral program benefits organizations like Cherry Creek football!

Coffee Menu

Magnus Dark European

If you drink dark coffee, you want full bodies, thick, rich taste in your cup. You get that and a delightful, smoky, earthy Peruvian/Burundian blend that is very low acid.


Magnus Revelation Blend

This coffee brings back the magnificent qualities of one of the world’s oldest blends. Today, we achieve a balanced, ultra-smooth, bright coffee from high-grown Peruvian and Burundian beans for a super-clean taste.


Magnus Hazelnut 3.0

Medium roasted, great coffee with a little Hazelnut flavor and the perfect blend of beans from Peru and Burundi.


Magnus Righteous Deceiver Decaf

No need to compromise taste and purity to avoid caffeine. This decaf is processed through a Swiss Water Process for a pure, real, rich taste.



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