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  • Brazil

    $6.00$72.00 or from $5.40$64.80 / month
    Select optionsLight-Medium Roast Flavor Notes: Chocolate, toffee-nut, mild smooth
  • Colombian Decaf

    $5.00$72.00 or from $4.50$64.80 / month
    Select options  Medium Roast Farmed Organically Fair-Trade Flavor Notes: Carmel, Cocoa
  • Guatemala

    $5.00$72.00 or from $4.50$64.80 / month
    Select optionsMedium Roast Traded Fairly  Flavor Notes: Sweet, Citrus,  Chocolate (Great for making espresso)  Location: Huehuetenango
  • Honduras

    $16.00$72.00 or from $14.40$64.80 / month
    Select options  Light Roast Peaberry Flavor Notes: Orange, Milk chocolate, Baking spices

    $35.00 or $31.50 / month
    Select optionsHalf Gallon 64 fl. oz. Ingredients: Apple Cider, Natural Spices, No Allergens, No Added Sugar, Gluten Free
  • KCup Sampler

    $16.00 or $14.40 / month
    Select options4 Brazil pods 4 Honduras pods 4 Malawi pods and 4 Sumatra pods
  • MAGNUS Dark European

    $11.69$12.39 available on subscription
    Select optionsFor those who demand the perfection in their very individual taste, our whole beans are roasted perfectly.
  • MAGNUS Hazelnut 3.0

    $11.69$12.39 available on subscription
    Select optionsOurs has an incredible nose but delivers only a delicate hint of hazelnut – it doesn’t lay on your tongue after you put your cup down
  • MAGNUS Revelation Blend

    $11.69$12.39 available on subscription
    Select optionsA medium roast that’s so drinkable, many cream-in-their-coffee drinkers enjoy it naked.

    $11.69$12.39 available on subscription
    Select optionsNo need to compromise taste and purity to avoid caffeine. A richer decaf processed through a Swiss Water Process for a pure, real, rich taste,
  • Malawi

    $5.00$72.00 or from $4.50$64.80 / month
    Select optionsMalawi is our best-selling coffee and the coffee we use in our canned cold brew. We love being able to buy coffee from Mzuzu, Malawi. Malawi is a small country in Africa, about the size of New Jersey. The farms we buy from are in the north of the country around the city of Mzuzu....
  • Peru

    $18.00$72.00 or from $16.20$64.80 / month
    Select optionsFlavor Notes: caramel, sweet fruit, mocca,