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Switch to MAGNUS PREMIUM Coffee and a donation for every coffee order to comes back to Cherry Creek Bruins Football.

Most of you drink coffee at home and at work. Switch to Magnus and know you are supporting our team with every cup you drink.

10% of every purchase goes to support a team member.


Switch your coffee at home and at work!

Earth Friendly

At Magnus Premium Coffee, we believe that this is the only planet we have, so we’ve made it our mission to take care of it.

We use a very special k-cup for our coffee pods and even our labels and ink are based on Hemp and Soy…

Great Taste

Everyone tells us our coffee is some of the best they’ve ever tasted; from our whole bean and ground, but especially our single pod cups! Here’s why…

The perfect blend of beans from Peru and Burundi

Great Heart

Our heart is anything but cold. When we launched the company, one of the biggest priorities for Magnus Coffee was to create a way to give back …

We donate to quality charities to strengthen our communities.

Never run out of coffee

Simplify your life!
We provide an Auto-Ship program to deliver to you every month so your coffee is always fresh. You can change or cancel your order anytime.


Our Pods have 33% more coffee grinds the the average KCup for a much improved flavor and aroma!

Our Special K-Cup

Single Serve coffee was created for convenience- an easy and fast way to make a quick cup of coffee.

But the taste was never as good as fresh coffee – until now!

The old-fashioned plastic k-cups are polluting our planet and providing bad coffee. We use a specially designed k-cup (we will call them PODS) which allow us to deliver much fresher coffee to you. Plus our pods are biodegradable and recyclable.

Standard k-cups punch a hole in the top and the bottom so the coffee can run straight through the coffee grinds.

Notice in the picture – instead of a plastic cup, our cup has filters wrapped around the sides. Our pod is also shorter so only 1 hole is punched in the top of the pod. The water comes in and has to push against the sides to get out. This allows the water to completely soak the grinds creating a better tasting cup of coffee.

We call this Brew Turbulence- brewing coffee more like french press that running through a plastic cup.



10% of your purchase goes to the Cherry Creek Bruins Football team!


Our goal is to ship the freshest coffee possible so you will fall in love with Magnus Premium Coffees and share with your family, friends, and co-workers.

The coffee your purchase in grocery stores could be months old. When coffee is roasted, it emits gasses. If fresh roasted coffee is put into standard coffee containers, especially k-cups, the gasses are stuck inside. To prevent the gas from damaging the package, the coffee is set out in trays until the gas is gone.

All our coffee packages have a special 1 way valve allowing the gases to leave and nothing else to come in. We ship fresher coffee.

After it is roasted and packaged, it may go through multiple warehouses and trucks before it gets to the shelf.

We ship directly from the roasting location to you.



The Cherry Creek Bruins Football team is proud to offer our families this fundraising opportunity through our partners at Magnus Premium Coffee. This program allows coffee drinkers family members, friends, co-workers, and even our business supporters to directly impact our program, as a percentage of every sale goes to our program and individual players to offset costs.

Most of us drink coffee! Please switch to Magnus to enjoy great coffee in eco-friendly packaging and know you are supporting our team with every cup you drink!



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