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$72.86 available on subscription

Blend of light roasted American, African and Sumatran coffees come together for a worldwide adventure. Clean, sweet, earthy aroma with a well balanced, full bodied cup. Medium acidity.

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  • Sold in cases of 4-12 oz. nitrogen-flushed valve bags.
  • Immediately after roasting, the coffee is heat sealed into nitrogen-flushed bags.
  • This process forces nitrogen into the package, replacing the oxygen that would otherwise quickly age the coffee.
  • Each bag comes with an attached tin tie closure to roll down and seal the bag after each use.
  • Available in both whole bean and ground.
  • Whole bean has a 1 year shelf life, while ground has a 6 month shelf life.
  • Each bag has a one way de-gassing valve which allows the coffee to de-gas, but prevents exposure to oxygen.
  • Not-Earth Friendly packaging

All of our coffee is roasted daily. The roaster digitally stores each roast profile so our coffee stays consistent. Our coffee blends are two or more single origin coffees, sometimes roasted at different levels and blended together. This creates a unique and exciting profile that would not be found naturally in coffee. Look for blends with coffees from origins you know you enjoy.

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Weight 48 oz